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Leaf Chlorophyll Meter, spad chlorophyll meter, ccm-200 chlorophyll meter, low cost chlorophyll meter, by far the bext chlorophyll meter at the best price, the leaf chlorophyll meter outperforms the competiont including the spad chlorophyll meter and the ccm-200 chlorophyll meter but does so at a fraction of the cost. This unique chlorophyll meter is used in agronomy, precision farming by organic growers and a hsot of other researchers who require precise chlorophyll readings but can not perform extractions. the chlorophyll meter can be correalated to extractions and is an effective chlorophyll meter for plant biology and phytopathology applciaitons. outperforoms the spad chlorophyll meter and the ccm-200 chlorophyll meter. the leaf chlorophyll meter has no moving parts and will outlast the spad and the ccm-200 chloorphyll meter. Leaf chlorophyll meter is compact size and the elast expensive and cehapest chlorophyll meter on the market. there is no less expensive chlorophyll meter in the agronomy market that cost less than the leaf chlorophyll meter.

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Non-invasive, contactless Oxygen and Chlorophyll Fluorescence. Measure under ambient conditions, changing environmental conditions and even under saturation light pulses.

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Measure O2 production in response to Far-Red (735), Blue (460nm), or Red (650nm) light. Perfect for teaching as well as research applications, when you buy the JR-PAM/FireSting combo, you unlock a dynamic range of test capabilities in plant biology, agronomy, phytopathology, aquatic sciences and applied photosynthesis research. Perfect for plants, algae, cyanobacteria, corals, and lichen.

For the first time ever, simultaneous PAM and O2 production at a price everyone can afford. Flexible, accurate, and with multiple test options including Rapid Light Curves, full Kinetics Traces, Quenching Analysis, ETR (electron transfer rate), Yield, Fv/Fm and O2 dynamics.

For a limited time, Single Channel O2 Meter and Jr-PAM combo costs just $6,595. Order today. We accept Credit Cards as well as University PO's.

Walz products are renowned for their reliability and accuracy. The new FireSting by Pyro-Sciences exhibits the same characteristics and in a short time has earned a similar reputation for performance and innovation. New and exciting research discoveries are just around the corner now that the electrodeless O2 sensor and JR-PAM are accessibly priced.

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O2 Evolution and Chlorophyll Fluorescence

Parallel Measurement of Photosynthetic Yield and Oxygen Evolution