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The GFS-3000, unlike other photosynthesis systems, does not continuously consume CO2, provides precise control for drying and humidifying ranges from 0 to nearly 100% r.h.

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CO2/H20 System




The Control Unit 3000-C of the GFS-3000 contains a high accuracy non-dispersive 4-channel infrared gas analyzer for the determination of CO2 (0-3000 ppm) and H2O (0-75000 ppm) with 20 cm optical path length, 6 ml gold plated cells. The specially developed dual-frequency chopper technology allows simultaneous assessment of differential and absolute signal.

The analyzer is optimized for a very stable and accurate differential signal. The differential zero is indicated, allowing clear information about the stability of the measurement. Due to the separation of analyzer and measuring head, the measuring head temperature does not influence the analyzer.

Combine Gas Exchange measurements with PAM Fluorescence Imaging.

Imaging and Photosynthesis Analysis for Lab and Field.

Gas Analyzer

Imaging and Gas Exchange

Lab or Field

GFS-3000 Photosynthesis System

Hands down, the most accurate Gas Exchange Fluorescence System on the market.