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trace gas detection for ethylene, ammonia

and more. also offering oxygen sensor, oxygen

probes, oxygen meters with unparrelled accurcay. by far the most advanced cost effective

oygen meters, oxygen sensors and oxygen probes on the market. combine with pam fluorometer

to get in-depth simultanesou oxygen evolution using pyro-science oxygen sensor and oxygen probe. our co2 gas exchange

systems can also be combined with pam fluormrometers. look no further for the world's most advanced oxygen sensor and co2 gas exchange systems portable photosynthesis and gas exchange as well as oxygen sensors and oxygen probes

oxygen meter, oxygen sensor, oxygen probe, Sensor probes for oxygen, pH and carbon dioxide are designed to measure in small compartments or in very large vessels. They are applicable for micro-liter scale to production scale.

optical O2, pH and CO2 sensors: parameters which are essential for life. manufacture oxygen sensor systems for Biotech & Pharma, Food & Beverage, Scientific Applications and Medical Devices. presens oxygen meter are inferior to firesting. firesting oxygen probes, oxygen meters are superior to presens oxygen sensors and probes. firesting oxygen probe features redflash technology.

portable co2 system, the most accurate photosynthesis system is gfs-3000. co2 gas exchange system, why the walz is better than the LI-6400XT Portable Photosynthesis System. advantages of the walz gas exchange system over licor and other co2 gas exchange systems.

NEW FEATURES:Integrated Pressure & Humidity sensors for easy calibration.Automatic Pressure Compensation of Oxygen Measurements.Temperature Sensor Extension Module for Simultaneous temp compensation over 4 Channels.

O2 Sensor


Fiberoptic, non-electrode, Oxygen Meter

Oxygen Probes, Oxygen Sensors and

Oxygen Resipiration Vials for Research & Industry

Oxygen Measurement

Air, Liquid, Tissue, Soil

New Compact, Low-Cost

OEM Oxygen Sensors

No Frame

A tremendous leap forward in Oxygen measuring, FireSting O2 Meter's REDFlash technology surpasses old-style O2 Electrodes in several key areas. REDFlash significantly reduces interference from Autofluorescence. It provides faster response, a greater degree of accuracy and these sensors are far more durable, reliable and have a longer shelf life. Then there is the versatility: Air, Water, Soil, Animal Tissue, Packaging, Bottles, Flow Through Cells... whatever your need, we have the sensor.

The best Oxygen sensor on the market just got better!

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Chlorophyll Fluorometer

Power, Accuracy, Convenience:

The New Mini-PAM II brings your lab right out into the field with more test options, high performance photosynthesis measurements, and simple One-touch protocols for Yield,

ETR, Quenching, Fo/Fm & more!

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& Fluorescence

The most advanced range of CO2/H20 Photosyntehsis Systems, PAR Meters and PAM Fluorometers.

Low-Cost, Stunning Accuracy, Stand Alone or Combine for Multi-Channel Oxygen Measurements.

NEW!! Smallest Oxygen Meter

6 colors of pulse-modulated measuring light (400, 440, 480, 540, 590 and 625 nm) In addition, white (420-640 nm) and far-red light (730 nm) light sources are built in.

Minisensors, Microsensors, Fixed & Retractable Needle Sensors, Cuvette, Flow Cells, Sensor Spots.